If you haven't already guessed, all Atlas events typically focus on ideas and experiences of Place.
Visit our Event Gallery for a visual look back on past events from 2013 to the present.



Austin's Atlas Mappenings are site specific events. A site is chosen and one or more events revolves around exploring and documenting that particular territory. Documentations can take many forms: drawing/painting, historical research, urban land art, oral histories, sonic exploration, and/or photography to name a few. More often than not, each exploration has (or will) culminate in a map.

Past and Current Mappenings:
Tillery Street:
May 2017/ April 2017

Public Art

The Atlas believes in enriching the public/pedestrian realm with public art. We have historically partnered with private property owners, tenants, and landlords to create murals. Though we've moved away from instigating public projects of late--due to start up and ongoing maintenance costs--it is still something we strongly believe in and encourage.

Past Projects:
Shadow Mural (E 7th)*
A line... Mural (City Hall)*
Tongs Mural (E 14th)
Migration Mural (8th and Congress)*

*due to the passing of time, tenant changes, etc. mural is no longer there.



A little more formal than a Mappening, we facilitate workshops on various topics related to cARTography and Place. Depending on the topic and context, workshops may occur in a classroom-like setting or in public space.

Past and Future Workshops:
Austin Atlas Fabrication
Hand Drawn/Watercolor Maps
Urban Land Art
History of Street Art


Exploring the City on foot is something we love to do on our own. But exploring Austin as a group can have it's own rewards. 

Past Walks
Walls and Voids
Mini-walk to the Waller Creek petroglyphs.
Urban Oddities (Bike Ride)


Public Engagement

We create site specific walks, games, explorations and collaborative public art methodologies. These participatory practices encourage on the ground engagement with the other citizens and the City, its streets, parks, and pathways.

Past and Future :
Walk & Draws
Street Art Valentines
Parking Day
SCW Found Object Walk
SCW Photo Safari

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Mappy Hours

When there's something cartographically relevant to celebrate, we do! 

Past Mappy Hours

Mappy Hour #5: July 5, 2016, Field Guide to the South Central Waterfront

Mappy Hour #4: April 2015, Let's Talk Metal/Hello Lamp Post Happy Hour

Mappy Hour #3 :November 2014, East Austin Studio Tour Map Drive

Mappy Hour #2 : Sept. 9, 2015, Urban Oddities Edition @ The Driskill Bar

Mappy Hour #1: June 5, 2014 @ the Garage Cocktail Bar / MAPPY HOUR PHOTOS