Austin's Atlas aims to be an archive of all things related to Austin and maps. What you'll find below relates to the crowdsourced atlas, the maps we make in house, as well as a link to the aggregated Austin maps page.

Pinned up maps from EAST 2014.

Pinned up maps from EAST 2014.

The Atlas

Our collection of hand drawn mental maps  is a crowdsourced atlas of Austin. The Atlas currently contains around 250 maps. Though some of the Maps were instigated with a specific prompt (i.e. map your most common routes), most were the result of asking people to map something they care about in the city. The resulting work covers vast territory including:favorite coffee spots, places to forage for nuts, safe places to sleep in public, memorable urban adventures, peoples neighborhoods, or romances that played out across the city. (to name a few)

View the maps that have been scanned an uploaded here. Or come to an Atlas event to see the Atlas in person.

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Pedestrian Guides

We believe in getting to know the city you live in via exploring and traversing it  on foot (or bike). Walking for the sake of walking is wonderful in and of itself. But the Atlas pedestrian guides help add the thrill of the hunt. The guides focus on hidden and/or unsung aspects of Austin's man-made and natural environment. 

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Aggregated Maps of Austin

The are many maps of Austin, but it's hard to find them all in one place. So every time we come across a map online, a link is added to it on this page.