Below you'll find the map and photos from the Oct. 18 Photo Safari! They are grouped by theme/category. A-J are from the Free Style photo safari. 1-10 are from the Guided one.  Many thanks to the City of Austin and Emma Schmidt for helping organize this event!

Some photos from the day and the Map....

A. Where the cityscape meets the landscape

B. A circle created by nature.

C. Creatures in the wild.

D. A frayed edge.

E. A photo of what's above.

F. A photo of what's below

G. Feet on the trail (not yours)

H. Where the magic is.

I. How shadows play with light.

J. Find a shrine and photograph it. (can't find one? then make one)

Guided Photo Hunt....

1. An endless kiss between two buildings on a property line.

2. An armadillo memorial plaque.

3. A graffiti tag in the form of a Pac-Man Ghost.

4. A secret yet publicly accessible courtyard.

5. The emptiest corner.

6. A signless sign post, slightly off kilter.

7. Where an owl resides, often among pigeons.

8. A fungus laden tree trunk.

9. Where a cypress embraces a sycamore, along the river's edge.

10. A two headed dog on a belt (on the Boardwalk).