Austin's Atlas aspires to acknowledge and encourage thoughtful, creative, and inclusive pedestrian scaled improvements to the city.  Have an place you'd like to explore/expand upon? We'd love to help! 

Austin Placemaking Toolkit/ Guide
Tools/steps for ideation and execution of informal and formal proposals (coming soon!)

Some starting points/questions to contemplate:

1) If you don't already know, consider finding out who owns the property in question--is it private? in the R.O.W. and City Owned? Take note of the address and visit TravisCAD for more info.
2) Who are the primary users/stakeholders of the space/place? Does the space/place have any needs? Could a dialogue with the aforementioned people lead to an organic idea?
3) Will the outcome be an amenity (lighting, a bench, signage)? a piece of art? an event? all of the above?
4) WIll it need maintenance? If so, who will become the caretaker of the space/place?
5) Will the project be more likely to be successful with permission? or without?
6) What are the laws/codes in play?
7) What are the risks?
8) Is there room for "yes and-ing...."? Meaning, can someone else build upon the initial contribution?

Ways to help get a proposal off the ground:
COA Streets as Places Program
City of Austin Neighborhood Partnering (June 1, Oct. 1)
Austin Parks Foundation Grants
Or, consider partnering with a private entity that could provide funding and/or space.

Local Precedents (MAP)
Red Swing Project -Tillery Underpass
9th Street BMX Park
Ghisallo Foundation - I-35 Underpass
Fish Bridge (Austin Post Article)
HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Non-Local Precedents
Liz Christy Community Garden, Manhattan
Burnside Skate Park

Further Reading:
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