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A. This is one of 3 steel sheep chosen as the 2006 People's Gallery People's Choice winner.


This color sample was used to choose the right hue of green for the Children's Museum.  (the Museum has since moved North, to the Mueller Development and is now called the Thinkery)


Even though it's now mostly covered by the new Marriot, the old hand painted sign is still nearly entirely intact.


Not much to say about this except it's an amazing interstitial space that's just a property line between 2 buildings.  Very long, very narrow, and ...very... scary. 


This amazing old wall, which was originally part of the long since demolished Majestic Hotel, now houses several families of pigeons.  This particular pigeon's roust has an endearing family portrait, even though the babies have already left the nest, at least in this photo (see broken egg shell at right).  Of course, when you visit the wall, who knows what will be in there...we've seen many bizarre things.....



Stikman. This particular guy is not aging welll...for a more perfectly intact Stikman, visit the intersection of Congress and 17th.


Though we're sure this is not an original Toynbee Tile, it is a perfect imitation in terms of medium (delicately cut linoleum tiles) and placement (in the middle of the street).  If you're at all curious about the larger story behind these tiles, check out the excellent documentary "Resurrect Dead" 


The 3 heads are Jesse Driskill and his 2 sons.  The cows represent how they made their fortune (they sold beef to the Confederate army in the Civil War).  Nothing really explains the 6 dragons though... Read more about the Driskill Hotel, built in 1886 here.


Owl? Clipper? Robot? You decide.
ps-What is Pareidolia anyway?


This is just a tough one....who left these numbers, and when did they leave them, and what to the stand for?


The stenciled birds are remnants of the 20' Wide project which was put on in 2013.  Read more about the alley activation project and the bird painters here.  Ps. this is Alley 111.

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