Austin's Atlas

Austin's Atlas is a collaborative art project interested in discovering, capturing, and expanding Austin's sense of place.

Austin's Atlas aims to accomplish the above through:

Crowdsourced Maps/ The Atlas
Illustrated Pedestrian Guides
Place-Based Public Art Projects
Workshops + Walks

Field Guide to the South Central Waterfront (in progress)


THIS WEEK! Nov. 12/13 and 19/20, 11-6pm: East Austin Studio Tour. Stop #371
July 5, 2016 Mappy Hour #5: Field Guide to the South Central Waterfront
Oct. 18 Photo Safari
Sept. 24 Found Object Walk
South Central Waterfront Walk & Draw #2/ #3

The Cartography of Home, Austin Chronicle
2014 Austin Chronicle Critics Pick, Media Category
Austin 360, Seeing Things  (scroll down)


1. We believe one of the greatest joys in life is the act of discovery.
2. We believe in the active study of, and engagement with, our natural and man made surroundings.
3. We believe in walking and biking more, driving less.
4. We believe in art.
5. We believe in the power of place.
6. We believe the more we slow down, the closer we observe, and the more fully we listen—the more we can experience.  The more we experience, the more human we become.
7. We believe Austin’s Atlas encourages all of the above.  

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